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Instant access to practical people management - 10/2000

New HR site

A brand new web site offering instant access to policies, practices and advice for people management has been launched HRworldclass.com differs from competitors by offering policies and guides on a range of key topics which businesses can download instantly for immediate use or customise to suit their needs. The site, which is the first of its kind, prides itself on offering practical solutions to people management presented in a business-focused pragmatic format.

HRworldclass.com is the brainchild of Jane Bilcock and Denise Lincoln both with over 20 years experience in HR at divisional and board level both in the UK and internationally. Together with a team of HR specialists they have created a site offering practical people solutions based on first-hand experience.

Denise Lincoln, Co-founder of HRworld-class.com, commented: Our objective has been to create a resource which is easy to access and provides absolutely top quality products. There is no jargon to decipher just straightforward, ready- to-use, legally accurate policies and guides.

The clarity of the site makes it ideal for HR professionals who want to manage their time more effectively as well as those in smaller organisations with fewer HR skills but who find themselves responsible for managing people. We use experts in each field to prepare our material so companies large and small will be able to visit HRWorldclass.com and find what they are looking for.

Legal reassurance is provided by Rowe & Maw. This association not only ensures the current legal accuracy of the policies and guides but also allows HRworldclass to provide its subscribers with up-to-the-minute information on Employment Law, free of charge.

Subscribing has been made simple and visitors to the site will find it refreshingly easy and enjoyable to navigate. An annual joining fee secures access to the site which includes many products and services. Unlike other HR web sites, the following can be downloaded at no cost to members: Latest employment law information

Templates for employment letters, contracts... free policies including:
Business Standards, data Protection, relocation, human Rights, smoking at Work, and managing substance abuse

In addition, members can go on to purchase guides and policies covering more than 30 key topics from how to set up a European Works Council to Health & Safety and Parental leave. A free review of each is available on the site to allow members to see before they buy. Guidelines and advice from the experts are also included to help with choosing and using the materials.

The site also features informative articles from leading thinkers in the field and a unique 'International' section provided by a corporate intelligence firm, Merchant International. This will include a regular 'Riskwatch' feature, free to members which details economic and commercial risks surrounding trade in various countries.

Jane Bilcock, Co-founder, concluded: We believe our site offers real and unique advantages to managers by cutting through red tape and HR jargon. As a result managers can use their time and energy on other important areas such as optimising people performance and profit.