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impress.ai - parsed and impressed by RChilli...

impress.ai is an AI chatbot platform for recruiters. Their conversational bots conduct competency-based structured interviews using techniques from Industrial-Organizational Psychology, specifically situational judgment questions.

Company Profile

RChilli Inc.

These chatbots autonomously interview, engage, and shortlist candidates at scale, 24/7, and actively fight human bias by hiding biasing information from human reviewers.

Impress.ai chose RChilli’s resume parser to make sure that candidates are engaged, have a positive interview experience and complete the qualification process of their AI chatbot.

What Were the Key Challenges?

  • The main challenge impress.ai faced was that they were not able to build anything with a resume in PDF format.
  • Also, a simple parser only gave them an email and name.
  • Using the right technology to enhance the productivity of its chatbots was a major concern.
  • impress.ai needed a solution which could put an end to this trouble. They checked the market and found RChilli which suited their requirements the best. The reason they chose RChilli was its easy-to-use API and strong reputation in the HR Tech industry.

How RChilli Helped?

  • Our resume parser helps the company parse resumes of any document format, be it doc, docx, pdf, html, rtf, etc. This solves their challenge of handling PDF file of the resume. Thus, there is a high conversion rate of resumes.
  • The company receives the extracted information from the resume in more than 100 fields such as name, email, experience, phone number, qualification etc.
  • We support parsing of multiple languages and global resume layouts and formats. This helps the company in interpreting resumes from all over the region.

What’s the Outcome?

  • With our resume parser, they can build smarter resumes which help them ask contextual questions in interviews to candidates through their chatbot platform.
  • The company has also built better technology with RChilli’s technology as a reliable foundation.
  • They have achieved 80% interview completion rate overnight.