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Human.IT introduces Aspire - 11/2000

Abstract ability tests online

A new era in recruitment is marked by the launch of Aspire - a suite of innovative ability tests, developed by Cambridge based company Human.IT, which will radically enhance the online recruitment process.

Human.IT has combined scientifically valid neuropsychology with leading edge information technology to enable a cognitive - or mental ability - profile to be developed via online tasks. The tasks are deliberately abstract so that it is not obvious what is being measured and users are unlikely to gain advantage through prior experience. Cognitive ability has been demonstrated to be the best single predictor of performance and trainability in the workplace.
The interactive Aspire tasks measure six cognitive factors including abilities such as learning, planning, information processing, mental flexibility and strategy formation. Aspire has a game-like quality and is much more user-friendly and engaging than the multiple choice questionnaires employed in traditional testing. It is independent of both linguistic ability and the candidate's work experience. What is delivered is a true picture of an individual's fundamental abilities, irrespective of education, age, sex or ethnicity.