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HR site launches - 10/2000

HR neglected in the rush

The specialist on line recruitment site for Human resource professionals launches on the 19th October.

The need for this site?

Suprisingly, the human resource arena has so far been neglected in the flood of recruitment sites being developed in the U.K. Surprising, because it is of course HR as a function that manages recruitment within organisations and has so readily adopted the internet as an excellent recruitment tool.

The site has been developed in response to the need for a targeted approach to the recruitment of Human resources staff. Currently there are very few specific options for employers or agencies to choose to advertise their position. They tend to have to rely on a more generalist media such as national newspapers and generalist web recruitment sites.

Research has shown that whilst there are many on-line job sites that cater for the general recruitment market, there are no specialist sites that focus on the needs of the HR specialist.