Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

How to Stop Being Afraid of Losing Your Job

The fear of losing a job is understandable and justified.

According to the Maslow pyramid in the modern capitalist world, money is responsible for two basic sets of needs. This is physiology and safety. If there is at least a minimal risk of loss of income, the person’s subconscious begins to sound the alarm for maintaining at least minimal needs.

However, new job opportunities and new vacancies are constantly appearing. And partly this is due to social networks, which are at the peak of popularity today. For example, here is a list of tools that help businesses implement entire strategies on social networks, and in the meantime, we’ll tell you how to overcome the fear of losing your job and see new opportunities and unexpected offers.

Face Your Fear

Fear is one of the basic feelings of man. It is natural, which means it is necessary for development. But it is possible to learn how to overcome fear, and moreover, it can be controlled. The main thing is to understand what we are afraid of.

To cope with internal obstacles that prevent you from deciding to change work, you need to pick up a piece of paper and write in detail the following.

Pros and cons of losing your current job.

Dangers. What are your risks if you enter the labor market to find a new job?

Action plan. Make a list of concrete actions that you will do if you suddenly lose your job.

And most importantly - remember this phrase: "It is better to do and regret than not to do and regret."

Think Positively

It sounds corny, but it works. It works always, everywhere, for everyone and in any circumstances. Have you been warned about your dismissal? Tell yourself: "It's okay! Surely I will get a good job offer - a long time ago I did not think about how to stop rolling on the thumb."

And remember -  no whining, no humiliation, and no bitterness. Fate gives you a chance not to mold in one place, so use it! Remember: the one who is not afraid to start everything from scratch will rise faster than anyone.

If you live in a large city, there are many places where you can work even in the best conditions. So search, learn and develop! Remember: losing a job is not only a problem but also a chance to find something better!

Let Your Enemy Help You

Very often, the fear of job loss is caused by the awareness of their lack of professional competence and low sociability. Plus unwillingness to change something in yourself.

But the fear of losing a job can carry not only a destructive function but also a creative one. There are many examples where this fear helped some people quit bad habits, change their lifestyle and attitude to work.

Therefore, your main task is to tame this fear and turn it from the enemy into an assistant. To do this, you need to develop as a professional, read specialized literature, and give the company real results. Although there are no irreplaceable people, it is very difficult to find a really cool specialist in any industry.