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How to spot recruiter burnout – take the quiz!

By Harry Whysall, Recruitment Industry Expert

Feeling tired all the time? Do you go into the office everyday feeling micromanaged? Are you fearing the worst from all candidates you send to new roles?

Then you could be well on the way to a nasty case of recruiter burnout. And trust us - nobody wants that. 

Review your answers to our seven quick questions to spot whether you or one of your colleagues is suffering from burnout blues.

Just answer the questions below and then read what the results have to say about what we like to call your burnoutability…

1. It's Sunday evening and work is looming the next day. Do you:

a) Prepare to get in the office early to check in all new starters?

b) Scroll through LinkedIn liking “The Daily Sales” posts about hitting targets?

c) Wonder what happened to your weekend as it’s just been a normal work day, right?

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2. Your top candidate has accepted a counter offer. Do you:

a) Tell them good luck, knowing you can find a replacement candidate?

b) Panic and try to convince them they are making a mistake?

c) Feel at a loss and reach for the gin and tonic?

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3. You’ve made your target, but a star performer has trumped your efforts and more. Do you:

a) Congratulate them and say you will out bill them next month?

b) Feel like a failure as nothing you do is never enough?

c) Discredit everything they have done and claim they are just lucky?

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4. Your manager constantly micro manages you. Do you:

a) Welcome the feedback and strive to improve and place more candidates?

b) Begin to complain at every opportunity to any colleague that will listen?

c) Go to the pub on every lunch break for much needed alcohol and to apply for new jobs?

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5. A temp that you have placed for a shift calls in sick. Do you:

a) Quickly call every free candidate you know to fill the shift?

b) Go and do the shift yourself, as you just can’t afford to lose business?

c) Email the client to let them know and then go home sick yourself, it’s their problem now?

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6. You are called in to the manager’s office to do your commit for the month. Do you:

a) Use the data you have put in your CRM to commit an accurate amount?

b) Take in a piece of paper with placements you think you might make?

c) Make up figures and leads until you commit to hitting your target?

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7. It is the last day of the month and you have just received your pay slip showing your commission. Do you:

a) Look at it with pride knowing you have earned your money by working hard?

b) Get annoyed at the missed placements and blame all your months unsuccessful candidates?

c) Threaten to leave blaming your performance on your current agency knowing another recruiter will offer you a job?

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Tally up your score and find out where you are on the burnout scale!

Scoring System:

Answers of A = 1 Point

Answers of B = 3 Points

Answers of C = 5 Points

Score between 7 – 12

If there was ever a calmer and more collected recruiter than you, we haven’t seen them. You’re the one in control and if you carry on like this you may be looking at a promotion in no time. Keep working hard and you have a successful career ahead of you.

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Score between 13 – 23

You’re heading towards burnout. You know it, I know it. So, act now to reverse the trend! Book some holiday. Take up yoga. Turn off your phone. Keep the good habits you have whilst improving the bad ones that have crept in. Take advice from people around you and look to improve your work/life balance.

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Score between 24 – 35

You’re officially a victim of burnout. Frazzled to the core, the pent-up anger seethes through your veins from the constant targets, endless candidate and client chasing, and ever-ringing mobile.

It’s time for a full 360 rethink. Get away from your desk, get organised, get positive and get holiday planning! Something our next blog will be able to help you with, Avoiding Burnout in Recruitment.

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Whether you need a helping hand building your own recruitment deskbecoming a big biller or integrating recruitment software successfully, we have plenty of advice to hand. Use the investments your company have made to help ease as much pressure as possible. Software is there to help manage your workload and create constant improvement by saving time and giving you visibility of how to improve.

Get in touch to find out more about how we can help stop your star consultants burning out!

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