Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

How to Reduce Workplace Stress with Natural Methods?

Have you ever experienced having a day at work when you couldn’t focus on things as your mind was somewhere else?

It might be related to stress, or maybe the stress at work itself. However, stress is a normal part of our work and life, but too much of workplace stress can have some negative effects on the morale of the team as well as on their productivity.

Undoubtedly, work is naturally the source of stress that people experience. But, mitigating and preventing workplace stress is very much necessary for maintaining employees’ overall wellness and mental health. But do you know that being a leader, how would you manage or reduce the stress of your employees’ lives so that they perform at their very best? Let’s read further to find out the best ways of doing this.

Bring Nature into Office Design

Do you know that the popularity of bringing the outdoors inside our office designs isn’t about aesthetics anymore? But, the wood furnishings, stone floors or the faux-grass carpets are becoming the important part of a growing trend in office designs that acknowledges the positive impact of natural elements on the performance as well as mental wellbeing of everyone at the workplace.

So, being responsible for the mental well being of employees you have 2 options whether you create outside spaces for people where they can get a breath of fresh air, or you can just bring natural finishes into your office’s interior design. However, the impact of the natural designs are helpful in reduce workplace stress whilst making your staff happier and more productive.

Keep Your Team Fit

We all know that how important it is to stay fit for everyone. But, when it comes to stress then being fit becomes more important. Yes, this is because exercise is one of the most important things that can help to combat stress. That means putting physical stress on our body through exercise can reduce the mental stress.

Also, exercise lowers the body’s stress hormones in the long run which help release endorphins, “the chemicals that improve your mood”. Moreover, exercise improves sleep quality whilst making us more competent and confident in our body which again promotes mental wellbeing.

So, some simple activities such as walking, yoga or jogging can actually be stress relieving. And, encouraging the team to be fit is another way to have a stress free workplace environment.

Magic Mushrooms

Psilocybin also known as magic mushrooms have been associated with enhancing a person’s mental health. There is a strong belief with cultures across the world that naturally derived substances like these are sacred herbs that enable people to attain an enlightened mental state. Due to this it’s been known to reduce anxiety and stress. This can greatly help you to relieve workplace stress so that you can return to work refreshed.

Moreover, scientists believe that the drug can make our brain more receptive to new ideas and communication which improves our ability to handle stress. It’s wise to grow and consume your own magic mushrooms at home with reputable grow kits by Zamnesia. Their magic mushroom grow kits are trusted across Europe and are guaranteed to be 100% authentic since you grow them yourself.

Encourage Breaks & Movement

Few researches show that workplace cultures which encouraged non-stop work have had some damaging effects on their employees. And, you know what if you encourage the employees to take breaks throughout the day then you’ll get to see that the employees will come back with less stress and more productivity. Also, being active releases endorphins that reduce stress.

So, a leader should encourage more team members to take the stairs instead of the lift. There is another way to encourage movement between the floors and that is by providing more opportunities for the people from different teams to interact with each other. Shared facilities such as shared bins, printers or the tea/coffee points are another way to encourage people to move around the floor. These activities encourage people to get up and to move from one side of the office to another.

Bring in the Meditation

You would never find a better way to help your employees relax than to bring the relaxation itself to their lives. Yes, it has been shown in the studies as well that many CEOs are taking up meditation whilst finding some ways to bring it to their employees’ lives as they’ve witnessed some immediate benefits out of that.

And guess what meditation doesn’t take much time. It takes just 15 to 30 minutes a day. Moreover, it’s quite affordable and doesn’t require any tool other than your own mind. That means, bringing in the meditation can help your employees deal with workplace stress.

Final Words

Most of the tips we’ve suggested above will provide relief to your employees from workplace stress. However, there are also many lifestyle changes which will be more effective in the long run. The concept of “mindfulness” is a large part of stress relief approach. Although, yoga and meditation incorporating physical and mental exercises can prevent the stress from becoming a problem.