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How To Reach Your Potential Employer With Only One Email?

The internet has changed the world of recruiting and provided people with a great opportunity to get a dream job faster and easier. Today, it is possible to reach out an employer with only one perfectly crafted email and get hired immediately.

However, competition in the labor market is still pretty tough. Workers of HR departments get hundreds of CV every day, so your email should stand out in a crowded inbox. Let’s see how you can improve your pitch and increases your chances to get a highly paid job.

Create a catchy subject line

If you don’t want your email goes directly to the spam folder, you should always write a subject line. The title of the email is as important as content: if it is poor, no one will open and read your letter. Consequently, all your efforts spent on designing an ideal email will go down the drain.

There are three types of the subject lines, which always work effectively:

  • The precise statement of purpose. It’s the simplest, yet one of the most productive ways to reach your employer. The subject line like “Application for X position at Y Company” makes your intentions absolutely clear. It helps to avoid any misunderstanding between you and HR manager.
  • Demonstration of the gratitude. You can use a subject line “Thank you for your precious time”, if you want to win over your potential employer. It’s a tricky psychological reception: you force your future boss to be polite and respond to your first letter.
  • Enthusiasm and energy. Also, you have an option to showcase your creativity and passion by writing a title similar to this one: “Excited to contribute to Y Company’s success”. This subject line tells that you truly want to get this job and have already researched information about the company.

Keep email short

You shouldn’t overload your email with tones of useless information. HR specialists are pretty busy people, so they don’t waste time reading very long unstructured texts. Remember that brevity is the soul of wit, so 3 minutes should be enough to review your pitch.

The best thing you can do is to bullet point your major achievements, which are relevant to this concrete job. Also, you should specify your education and professional skills such as knowledge of foreign and computer languages.

Your letter should have a very clear structure:

1.   Salutation

2.   Body of letter

· Introduce yourself
· Make a valuable offer
· Notify about the attached files (optional)
· Thank the employer for attention

3.   Strong сloser and signature

Your email should not contain any following items:

  • Inappropriate photo. If you are not a model or an actor, you should not send your photos to potential employers.
  • Irrelevant files. HR manager has no interest in checking a dozen attached documents, which do not contain any useful information.
  • Inspirational quotes. Some people believe that using wise quotes in letters, they can make a better impression. However, this approach often fails in practice.
  • Demand for high rewards. You should never ask for a high salary or extra benefits in a first email. Overstated requirements will scare off your potential employer.
  • One-sentence letter. Your email shouldn’t be too short as well: it is impossible to impress recruiter with only one phrase. Your letter should consist of at least 4 sentences.

Customize your email

Probably, the worst thing you can do is to send the same letter to all companies on your list. Every HR manager identifies such kind of emails and deletes them immediately. You can create an email template and use it multiple times, but you must customize it in accordance with the specific job requirements for every company.

Moreover, you should demonstrate your genuine interest: it is extremely important to formulate why you consider this very company as a dream workplace. Mark Fisher, project manager for Rated by Students, states: “You should explain in which way your specific skills and knowledge will come in handy to this business. HR manager should clearly understand why you are the best candidate for this job”

Utilize helpful tools and services

In the information age, your chances to get a fantastic job are extremely high. There are numerous apps and services, which can turn your email into a magic key, which will open the doors to new career possibilities.

  • Rewarded Essays. If writing is not your strong point, this service can assist you with crafting a perfect letter from the scratch.
  • PDF Forge. If you are going to add a few attachments to your message, you should better merge all documents into one PDF file. You can do it in a few clicks using this tool.
  • Get Good Grade. You will never get a second chance to make a first impression, so you must eliminate any spelling mistakes and typos, which can spoil your professional reputation. This proofreading service will help to create an error-free pitch.
  • Standard Resume. If you have no idea how to craft an original CV, you can try this tool. You will get a standard resume, which you can use as a basis for your job application emails. You can simply add a touch of creativity to design an appealing and informative letter.
  • Is Accurate. In some cases, when you want to get a job overseas, you should reach your prospective employer with a letter written in a foreign language. This online service will assist you finding in a translation firm, which will help you to proofread your email.
  • Send Later. If you and HR manager live in different time zones, you should set an appropriate message delivery time. Use this tool for effective scheduling, and you will significantly increase your email open rate.

In Conclusion

If you are not satisfied with your current job, it’s time to find a better company. This world is full of opportunities, so don’t miss a chance to build a fabulous career.

Sometimes, the great changes start from tiny steps – write a catchy email and get the job of your dreams. Your happy future is in your hands.

BIO: Daniela McVicker is a creative blog writer for Hot Essay Service. She is passionate about researching labor market trends and innovations in recruitment. She crafts inspiring articles to help people choose the best career path and change their lives for the better.