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How to Negotiate a Job Offer

Have you been looking for a suitable position for quite a long time? Finally, a happy moment has come and you have received a career proposal.

. It’s great, tempting, and matches all your expectations. Yet, what is the right way to talk it over and to ensure you really want to take the job?

In this article, we will focus on what things are worth to mention in a talk during an interview. Also, we are going to tell what vital questions are worth clarifying and suggest the right way to behave during a negotiation if you are really interested in the job offer and want to accept it.

What You Can Negotiate

Before you accept a proposal, think of everything you want to know. You can even make a list of meaningful things in order not to forget any of them during the talk:

  • Your salary/wage
  • Working hours
  • Office location
  • Holidays
  • If there is a trial period and how long is it
  • A possibility of remote work
  • Career promotion
  • Social insurance
  • Other bonuses

You can make the list longer—everything depends on your needs. Prioritize the items. Be conscious and touch upon every area that is important for you. Try to get as much information as you can during the negotiations. Decide what is acceptable for you and what contradicts your expectations. Assume what options can be an alternative for you. For example, find out whether there is a subsidiary close to you, or if the company will cover transportation expenses. If you don’t feel ready to sacrifice something that is important for you, it’s better to think twice or even reject a proposal.

What Can Help You Negotiate a Job Offer Effectively

So, what gives you an advantage over other candidates and what strategy should you follow to reach rewarding results from the interview?

  • Be positive. You should produce a favorable impression. Try to look natural and smile. Show you are ready to cooperate and that you are the right candidate for this particular company. The first impression always counts—keep this in mind when going to a job interview.
  • Don’t underestimate yourself. Be confident when discussing the salary and responsibilities. You have to be aware of your skills and strong points. You are worth the money you ask. In the article “15 Rules to Negotiate a Job Offer,” Deepak Malhotra says that if anything is really important for you, you should always negotiate it.
  • Get ready to answer questions. The employer needs to learn more information about you, your work experience, educational background, professional skills, willingness to cope with challenges, etc. A good piece of advice for you is to be honest. Lying in a negotiation is like playing a losing game. Starting cooperation with dishonesty is definitely a bad choice. Besides, even if you want to raise your value in someone’s eyes, it is unethical.
  • Listen carefully. Pause and listen to what the person opposite to you tells. This will give you a number of advantages. First, you won’t look too pushy. Secondly, if you don’t interrupt, you will get a chance to hear all the needed information in the shortest time.
  • Put emotions aside. Be objective and concentrate on the interview itself. Don’t get trapped by your fears or doubts. Instead, Hannah Morgan in her article “How to Negotiate a New Job Offer,” suggests to dwell on what makes you the best candidate for a company. Give the reasons why you would like to get a position with them and explain why it’s beneficial to hire you.
  • Learn as much as you can about the new position. Deepak Malhotra stresses that for many people “negotiating a salary” and “negotiating a job offer” means the same thing, though it’s not true. There are many other factors that will influence your job satisfaction. So, you’d better not get solely money-oriented. Consider other significant sides of a career opportunity (e.g., flexibility of the schedule, favorable location, opportunities to learn and travel, chances to get promoted, new challenges and responsibilities, and others).


Hopefully, our pieces of advice have shown you how to specify the essential details of a desirable position, produce a good impression, and make the most of your talk with a recruiter.

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