Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

How to Motivate Employees in the Workplace

Motivation is the key to drive anyone or anything to be efficient.

Inasmuch as force and other tactics work, the one that will bring you more results is motivation. Every once in a while human being need the right push to keep up with whatever it is they will be doing.

A good example of what we speak of is real money pokies online. Do you ever think of how people would feel about online games if they were no jackpots and payouts involved? The reason why online casinos will offer welcome bonuses and promotions is purely to lure and motivate players. If not they would have been out of business a long time ago.

Applause Job Well Done

Once in a while people mess up but so do they do a great job. And when someone does well there is nothing that is as satisfying as getting praise either from fellow employees or your employer. Getting recognition makes one have a connection with either their job or their employer. Ever noticed when your dog does well and you reward it, it makes your pet happy. So clearly this feeling goes for every species human or non-human.

Business Related Games

If we were to propose that the company staff play games then this would be called wasting time? Although it is not. But if you are an employer and feel it is wasting time then try engaging your team in work-related games. It will be more of killing two birds with one stone. That is building the team to be stronger and love what they do and also getting some work done. According to some companies visit sports betting venues where different groups are given the same amount. The winners will then take the money and donate to a charity organisation.

Take Time To Know Your Employees

Knowing how your employees' tick will help you with a lot of things. When handing out work you have a clear know-how of who is good in what and who does certain things better than the other person. And as for the employees doing something you are good at will give you purpose and motivate you.