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How to Contact a Recruiter on LinkedIn

Are you in doubt if it is right or wrong to contact a recruiter through LinkedIn? Here are some tips on how to do it on LinkedIn.

The quest for jobs most times seems hard and tiring. New job seekers or people who desire to change their jobs often ask questions like: How can I attract a potential recruiter? How effective is getting a job through social networking? Well, before you ask the next question, let me quickly tell you that social media platforms like LinkedIn are places where over 90% of recruiters get potential employees.

However, getting a job through LinkedIn is not as easy as you thought, as many recruiters seldom respond to DMs because of the tons of messages they get every day. Now, here are some tips on contacting a recruiter on LinkedIn and keep the conversation going.

1. Build a Professional Profile on LinkedIn

You can argue that LinkedIn is not a social media platform. But, let me tell you today that the purpose of the organization is mainly for social networking, just like Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp. However, LinkedIn is more professionally oriented than other social platforms. Therefore, you have to make your LinkedIn profile professional enough to attract recruiters when they view your profile.

Now building a profile is not a hard nut to crack. If you feel it is taxing and would desire a professional to do it for you, well, that's quite alright. You can order a LinkedIn profile from academic writing service online at little bucks, and you get a perfect job done for you.

2. Send Your Recruiter a Request With the Right Message  

Now, after setting your LinkedIn profile well and ready for recruiters, you must research the company you desire and your target Recruiter. LinkedIn has a search option and even a location for any company you desire. To make your search faster, type your desired company, and include in front of it the word "recruiter."

Once you identify your recruiter, send a LinkedIn connection request and a short message. What to write to a recruiter on LinkedIn? 

Your message to your potential recruiter should be laconic, explanatory and should be about how your candidacy can be beneficial for the organization. Recruiters don't have plenty of time to check the numerous messages people send to them daily.

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3. Keep Your Relationship With the Recruiter

Once you can get a response from your recruiter that is awesome. However, just a reply will not get you the job but persistence in communication. When I say persistence, I do not mean to say you keep reminding recruiter if any offer is available for you. For instance, if I ask a professional writing service to write my statistics homework for me, I will be a thorn in the flesh of the writer if I continuously disturb him or her. 

In the case of a recruiter, all you need to do is show genuine interest in whatever can bring growth to the recruiter’s company. You see, getting a job on LinkedIn isn't as hard as you thought. You just have to be smart.