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How Recruitment Testing Improved Staff Retention by Over 15%

With the cost of a bad hire being estimated at over 3 times salary, there are measurable losses when you get recruitment wrong. Couple this with high recruitment rates and a lack of skilled candidates, and finding the perfect match becomes even trickier.

That’s the scenario business process outsourcing company, Tek Experts, found themselves in. That is until they introduced ISV’s recruitment testing.

Kimberly Hannaford, Global Head of Talent Acquisition recently presented alongside ISV’s, Managing Director, Amanda Davies explaining how introducing testing had dramatically improved their recruitment process.

Having used ISV’s candidate testing in her previous roles as a recruitment consultant, Kimberly introduced the ISV system to Tek Experts.

The challenges that the talent acquisition team were previously encountering included limited science behind their recruitment process and wasted time on ‘maybe candidates’. Plus of course, the risk of hiring poorly skilled or unsuitable candidates. Introducing testing has allowed the team to quantify and highly calibrate their recruitment. It redefines what they are looking for in a new hire.

Tek Experts are a global business, providing technology support from their centres in Vietnam, Bulgaria, the USA, Costa Rica and Nigeria to name a few. The fact that ISV is online, available 24/7 and they can choose from a library of tests works well for Tek Experts. They mix and match tests from the ISV library including customer services tests and the personality questionnaire. Plus, Kimberly and her team utilise the template builder tool to create their own specialised content.

In a short space of time, the talent team saw noticeable and measurable positive effects from introducing recruitment testing.

The Key Results:

  • Hiring Criteria Redefined.
  • Reduction in attrition or staff turnover by over 15% in both the USA and Costa Rica.
  • Increased performance in Tek Expert’s end client’s KPIs, including the number of cases managed and customer satisfaction.
  •  Reduce time to productivity by giving the training team the candidate profile and shortcomings so they can tailor the orientation and training appropriately.

The results have been so impressive for Tek Experts that they are rolling out ISV across all of their business lines, stating that it’s ‘HR partnership at its best.’

“We’re super happy with ISV and would really recommend them to anyone looking to introduce a testing provision in their workplace.”

For a copy of the Perfect Match presentation featuring ISV and Tek Experts, download your copy of the slides here.

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