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How can Holidays be Not a Hurdle for Running a Business?

Work and fun can’t be done at a time. C’mon! This is nothing but just a mere notion. So, all you entrepreneur out there, you can still enjoy the essence of a wonderful vacation while you walk down the woods or go over the rivers. Sounds impossible?

Not at all!

You might be wondering now how it can be possible. Well, you just have to act smarter, take the right strides, and you're done!

Read on to understand what exactly you need to do.

Ensure you are having the right staff

You are planning to go out for a vacation while leaving your business behind. In such a scenario, you must be quite confident about the working staff at your office. It might be a herculean task to find such worthy people, but they deserve to be searched for.

So, always hire such people in your company who are capable enough to successfully carry on the work in your absence.

According to ctpost, the entrepreneurs like Maulik Patel, CEO of Dealslands, also admits that working with the right people is always a blessing for him whenever he goes for a holiday. 

Plan beforehand

If you’ve already decided that you are going for a holiday during the Christmas or New Year eve, make the preparations before itself. Just inform your clients that you will not be at the office during that period of time. Make sure that you are completing any pending task from their end before you go. If you do so, it would be easy for you to transition back to your work on your return.

Let your marketing be scheduled

In this technologically advanced era, smart marketing tools are spread all over! So, you can just schedule the posts on social media and blogs well in advance. It will let others to not even get a clue that you are not working.

Be accessible

You are on a vacation doesn’t mean that you’ve to just cut-off from the rest of the world, especially if you are a businessman. So, make sure that you are accessible on skype and phone whenever there is an urgent need. But, don’t make it a constant process either, it will spoil your entire holiday. Just understand how to make a balance!

Express clearly about your requirement

When you are on a vacation, your employees must be confident about which goals they have to achieve in your absence. So, you ought to convey them about the deadlines that they have to meet during that period of time. Thus, before you fly, let each and every team know what they are supposed to do.

Reward your staff for their hard work

The productivity of your business depends on your employees to a huge extent. If they seem to be as efficient as they have been always even when you are not on the floor, they deserve a reward. So, always motivate them for their dedication with a perfect honour. If you do so after one of your vacations, you can go ahead for the next one without even a second thought. The more pleased your employees are, the more your work will be on track.

Handover your work to the right person

Obviously, as an owner of any organization, you would be performing some tasks on just your own. Now, you are going for a holiday and you won’t be available for some days. Who would take care of your works?

Think and identify the right person in the office who is capable enough to do your works flawlessly. Once you’re sure enough about someone, hand over your work to him/her.



This is one of the most critical things to do for the businessmen while they are out for a vacation. Often, they think that their business would simply fall apart in their absence. Trust me, this is not the scenario! If you’ve been smart enough to plan things accordingly, nothing will go wrong.

So, do you get to know how can you manage your trip and business together? It is not at all a hard stone to break! Isn’t it? Just take the aforementioned tips in your mind, that’s it! Of course, you will end up coming back refreshed and there will be no harm to your business even.