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How Australian HR Professionals are streamlining background checks

Background checks in Australia are becoming popular. If you are a company or HR professional that is looking to hire, depending on what sector your workplace operates in, a background check can be either mandatory or recommended.

Background checks like criminal record certificates are used to screen employee backgrounds and can now be done online.

An increasing number of HR professionals in Australia are turning to the online route to streamline background checks. Here we talk about the various types of background checks that are commonly used by HR professionals in Australia and their benefits.

The Types of Background Checks

 There are a couple of different background screening checks available for companies and individuals. The commonly used ones are:

1.General Background Checks

There are a couple of general employment screening checks. These include employment history, driving history and university qualification checks.

Human resource professionals generally run checks before they offer employment to the prospective employee or contractor. This type of checks are typically run to ensure they are hiring candidates skill sets.

A workplace would want to limit possible negligent hiring claims as much as possible. Thus, such background checks are prominent in industries.

Background screenings are generally completed in the interview process.

2.National Police Checks

A national police clearance, issued by an accredited Australian is a background screening check that could be required for several reasons and checks for disclosable court outcomes in accordance with spent convictions legislation.

For employment roles where there is direct or indirect contact with vulnerable persons (e.g. at aged care homes), a national police check is required. Some companies may also require a national police check for general employment purposes. This helps improve the candidate pool for a position by ensuring candidates of suitable moral values.

With online police checks, background screening has been made easy and secure. There is no longer a need to stand in queues and deal with manual paperwork at local police stations.

3.Fingerprint Checks

A fingerprint check dulges into further detail and may only be conducted in the case of a regulatory or legal need. During a fingerprint check, the candidate’s fingerprint will be checked against an existing database of fingerprints. This type of check can generally only be conducted at a local police station. For example, at an Australian Federal Police Station.

So what are the benefits of background checks for HR Professionals?

Hiring the right person for a job comes down to a couple of factors. There is, of course, relevant skills, experience, and culture fit. There are also, however, other things a company should consider.

When building a dependable workforce, the moral values of the employees are quite important. An employee with major misconduct can lead a company into trouble with the law. This can tarnish the brand name, which takes years to recover.

Although the future is always unpredictable, being proactive about the matter and taking measures now is one of the best courses of action. Here are some of the key benefits of background screening when hiring.

1.Ensures a reliable and morally sound workforce

Background screening is not just for the sake of hiring a criminal record free candidate. In many cases people with criminal records are hired if their record does not correlate with their job function. It has further long-term benefits. Employers that have integrated background screening into the hiring process ensure the workforce is reliable, has sound moral value and they are aware of the poersions background.

Qualities like these are priceless in the workforce, especially for companies that deal with sensitive data and government institutions.

2.Improved productivity

Deeper and more thorough screening ensures hired employees follow the law and do well in a societal setting. This leads to higher worker retention and improves productivity. Employee turnover is also reduced.

3.Sets a good cultural example

Building a workforce with high moral standards, individuals create a culture of good values and security. The culture of the company is very important to the productivity of the workforce. A great culture also makes it very attractive for future candidates, in turn improving the potential of the possible future candidate pool.

4.Adapting to changes in the workforce

Given the situation after COVID-19, More and more people are looking for remote jobs, and with a global workforce, doing background screening is soon becoming a necessity rather than a choice.

Online police checks, background screening at regular intervals gives a good starting point to understand the candidate history and they will fit into the company culture.

Streamlining Online Police Checks

With more and more households going online, getting background screening is made easier than ever for employers and employees.

Background screening services provide high level infrastructure and use state of the art solutions to provide fast and secure background screenings completely online.

Here is why HR professionals have turned to online police checks:

  • Completely Online: No need to stand in queues and deal with paperwork. Just fill the forms online, completely hassle-free, and easy.
  • Fast and Secure: Most check results are delivered usually within 24 hours. Industry-standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption ensures data is kept safe and secure.
  • Nationwide Availability: Human resource professionals can order a check from anywhere in Australia. All states and territories are covered. For example, a South Australia Police Check is in essence the same as a national police check.
  • Versatile and Convenient: People can apply from wherever they are in Australia at any time and from any device.


Online police checks, background screening has been made easier than ever with the advancement in technology infrastructures. With background screenings at regular intervals, you ensure a safe and sound workplace with a workforce of high moral values.