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Has the Internet made recruiting easier or harder? - 11/2001

Poll comprised of 400 respondents

Easier - 79% (316 Respondents)
Harder - 10% (40 Respondents)
Same - 11% (44 Respondents)

This poll comprised of 400 respondents from a mix of organizations including:
private and public companies, staffing firms, recruiting agencies, non-profit organizations and government agencies.

Analysis: Almost 80% of those polled asserted that the Internet has simplified the recruiting process. Career sites are easy to use and eliminate the aged old headache of the newspaper classifieds...faxing and approving ads and handling misprints.

The Internet also speeds up the recruiting and hiring process. Resume databases are an instant source of candidates. Job postings are real time,
eliminating the wait for the Sunday Classifieds to advertise positions. Resumes are now sent in the form of emails, which are much cleaner and easier to manage than faxed applications.

10% of those polled found the Internet made the recruiting process more difficult. With any new technology there is a learning curve. Many companies jumped into Internet recruiting without a hiring plan, proper training and metrics in place. Recruiters Network envisions this number to decline as Internet Recruiting matures and companies learn to harness its power.