Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Happiness Is More Important Than Money! - 05/2000

Top Jobs Survey Shows Interesting Trends

According to a survey commissioned by leading job board Top Jobs on the Net, Britain is a nation of Boss Divorcees and quick quitters. The survey conducted by industry leader Taylor Nelson spoke to 1000 people around the country with interesting results.

Nearly 50% of younger employees move jobs because they feel unhappy. Ignoring traditional gripes of poor pay and long hours, bad relationships with managers is now apparently the top trigger for quitting. The survey compilers have labelled this Bye-Bye, Bossí Britain!

Over 25% of workers under 24 were labelled Quick Quitters by the survey. Such individuals leave a firm after only a month of feeling unhappy - clearly loyalty to an employer comes
behind personal happiness. Such volatile behaviour decreases with age, one third of those in the 45-54 age bracket take over a year to make the same decision in the same situation.

Closely following poor relationships with managers as the main reason for quitting was Lack of future opportunities in second place. With current low unemployment and a booming
economy, employees are in a buyerís market - not tolerating a clearly blocked career path and preferring to move elsewhere quickly.

Top Jobs UK General Manager Don McIntosh commented, Our research serves as a warning to employers to watch out for the last straw triggers. Simple measures such as open
communication channels can make all the difference to an employee nearing the last straw. From a recruitment perspective, the results allow us to better understand what employees are looking for and encourage our clients to be more aware of the factors that lead to a happy and willing workforce.