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Gojobsite replaces Jobsite - 12/2000

Jobsite re-brand and launch european service

Jobsite have rebranded as GoJobsite and launched a new European network of sites. The new European service is being made available through German, French, Irish, Spanish and Italian sites, in addition to its UK site. The rebrand and European expansion marks the beginning of a series of product and service developments at Jobsite, aimed at further entrenching the sites market leadership.

Commenting on the new developments, Jobsite marketing director Chris Newson said: The rebrand and launch of our international service are the just the first stages of an extensive process of development at Jobsite.

To begin this process by launching a truly international service required Jobsite to rebrand. The Jobsite name is already in use by numerous sites across the world, and purchasing all these domain names made no commercial sense. The name GoJobsite was selected as a result of extensive international focus group work.