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Filling top positions - 10/2000

Monster.com is moving into the corner office

Monster.com is taking its job site to the executive level, targeting CEOs, chief marketing officers, VPs, and other top positions. Candidates will have to pass a screening test to be included in the job database, including information about previous job experience and salary (around a minimum of $150,000). The service will carry a database-access fee for employers and recruiters.

The logic is that many CEOs are already familiar with Monster, having placed their job openings there. So, they may use the site to look for jobs themselves, says Forrester analyst, Charlene Li.
The move may be prescient. More experienced execs are job-hopping, according to a recent study by Challenger, Gray & Christmas. In the year
ending June 30th, 33% of managers and execs (averaging 45 years old) reported working at four organizations or more during their careers. In 1991, the average was 23%.

More people today see themselves as free agents, says Challenger, Gray & Christmas. The tight labour market creates problems for filling positions at all levels of a business - but particularly at the top.