Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec Inc. unveils fully automated web-connected e-recruiting service - 06/2001

- has introduced an all-new fully automated web-connected recruiting solution ñ called EZRecruitô ñ that speeds and simplifies the entire recruiting process from candidate sourcing to final hiring. EZRecruit is a unique service that works nonstop around the clock to help executives and hiring managers shorten recruit time, extend individual recruiting reach and get better people in place faster.

ìRecruiting new employees and consultants has become much too complex, time-consuming and costly for most companies,î explains Chetan Shah, chief executive officer of EZRecruit. ìHiring managers turn to e-recruiting with high hopes, but get a flood of e-resumes that overwhelm their staff. They might then invest in an applicant tracking system, only to find a partial solution that doesnít speed up the overall recruiting process. Weíve spent 25-person-years developing and refining EZRecruit to solve these problems.î

EZRecruit goes beyond applicant tracking with a comprehensive solution that combines candidate identification, acquisition and communication. The technology features proprietary search and screening algorithms that not only scour continuously more than 1,300 external resume sources, but also create a customized internal database of screened and qualified candidates. The EZRecruit service is designed for companies of all sizes, recruiting across all disciplines.

Streamlining the recruiting process starts with job requisition, where EZRecruit helps users define and prioritize required skill sets and prepare screening questions. The technology then continuously searches internal and external databases automatically, finding passive candidates with an anonymous 30-second online skill profile.

EZRecruitís proprietary screening algorithm sorts candidates by preset criteria, contacting best choices automatically to establish skill and interest levels. It refers only carefully selected candidates to the hiring manager. Candidate tracking and relationship building capabilities give recruiters and managers optimum control over the recruiting process. EZRecruit turns information into knowledge, building a customized searchable e-recruiting database for future use.

Using an application service provider model, EZRecruit is able to provide the service immediately. The ASP version requires no installation or maintenance charges, and users get immediate use of the comprehensive e-recruiting service. License pricing is based on number of users and volume of jobs posted. EZRecruit software is also available for lease or purchase. Contact the company for full details.