Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Enhanced online tool makes it easier for recruiters to conduct hassle-free competency-based recruitment

Assessment specialist cut-e has launched an enhanced version of its online recruitment tool snap-it, which not only makes it easy to create detailed job descriptions, it calculates the person-job fit for each candidate and provides a guide to support competency-based interviews.

“To recruit the best people for any job, you have to know the exact competencies and behaviours that are critical for success,” said Dr Achim Preuss, Chief Technology Officer at cut-e. “Using the competency models from either the basic, graduate, management or expert versions of our personality questionnaire, snap-it can help you to quickly create an accurate job requirement description for any role. It’s a tried-and-tested tool that’s used by over 250 of our clients. We’ve now enhanced it to make it even easier for recruiters to identify the competencies, personality, attitude and values that are required for success in the position. snap-it also computes, and shows you, the optimal behaviours that candidates will need, based on those competencies.” 

When job candidates complete any of cut-e’s personality questionnaires, snap-it automatically calculates an overall ‘match score’ of the person-job fit for each individual and it also provides a score for each required competency. 

“This not only makes it easier for recruiters to spot those who meet their specific requirements, it also provides an automatic filter which saves them the hassle of having to go through each individual candidate report,” said Dr Preuss. 

snap-it automatically generates a personalised interview guide for each candidate. This provides hiring managers with probing questions that they can ask to check and verify the suitability of that candidate’s competencies and behaviours. 

“When selecting candidates, recruiters need to distinguish between personality traits (what someone prefers to do), motivation (what they want to do) and cognitive abilities (what they are able to do),” said Dr Preuss. “snap-it optimises the process of competency-based recruitment. It’s an efficient, effective and economical tool which helps to determine exactly what you’re looking for. It then helps you to standardise your assessment process and your interviews, so that you consistently focus on the precise job requirements. As a result, it will help you to make better selection decisions and quickly recruit a candidate who is more likely to be successful in the role.” 

snap-it is available in 15 languages. cut-e is an Aon company. For further information about job analysis and recruitment process optimisation, please visit