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E-commerce Is Set To Revolutionise The Recruitment Industry - 03/2000

90% Of Companies To Use Internet

E-commerce is set to revolutionise the recruitment industry, with 90% of companies committed to placing part of the recruitment process onto the Internet in the year ahead, according to an industry survey conducted by Royal Bank Invoice Finance and The Employment Agents Movement (TEAM).

The growth of e-commerce and its implications for business are seen as a good business opportunity, according to 89% of recruitment companies. Despite the potential increase in competition on a global basis, e-commerce was only seen as a threat by 11% of respondents. The industry is also keeping pace with technology, with only 24% finding the pace of change a concern for their business.

Martin Morrin, Managing Director of Royal Bank Invoice Finance, said: The recruitment industry looks set to become one of the leading lights in the e-commerce boom. With the legislation on digital signatures and encryption to be passed within the much publicised E-commerce Bill, confidence in the Internet will continue to grow, and the industry will experience massive e-growth.