Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Dotcoms Cause Virtuous Circle - 05/2000

Internet Business Growth Leads To Recruitment Boom

Traditionally, economic growth leads to demand for staff. The current positive economic climate, combined with new demands from Dotcoms for staff with special skills, has created a well-documented shortage of skills.

The War for Talent between established Bricks and Mortar companies wanting to develop or upgrade their web presence, and new start-ups offering potentially lucrative share
options, has contributed to a boom for the recruitment industry. Many companies are however failing to take advantage of the new channels Internet based recruitment methods offer.

A recent survey by TMP, owners of Monster, confirms our own research. Half of all blue chip companies do not use the Internet to recruit staff. This failure, by traditional companies to target both active and passive candidates on the Net is the reason why they will loose the battle to attract and retain the best staff. Even employment culture leaders such as the big 5 professional service firms are loosing key, director level staff, to small start-ups.

The time for change is now, that is if those failing to use the Internet wish to survive.

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Leor Franks - Editor