Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Distance restricted search - 10/2000 announces localised service is the first job-site to develop and incorporate full localisation technology, which allows businesses to locate suitable and available jobseekers within their local area. This new feature brings online recruitment not only to built up city areas but also to businesses in rural areas across the UK.

From a jobseekers perspective, they can now search for vacancies, which can be selected not only by normal means (such as job sectors, job title, and area), but also by a distance restricted search from their exact location.

Unique tax calculators have also been developed to provide jobseekers with an easy method of calculating their 'take home pay' from different job offers. The innovative IR35 calculator will prove to be particularly useful to contractors in assessing the impact of the IR35 rules on their net income.

If this isn't enough, vacancies can be accessed via WAP enabled mobile phones by candidates, providing quicker response times and putting themselves ahead of their competitors.