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Discussion paper details trends revolutionising HR

There is a revolution taking place in HR – times, roles and society, they’re all changing and HR needs to adapt quickly to the fast-paced modern challenges of today.

Holmes Noble, leading executive search and interim firm whose HR Practice is led by Michelle Carson-Williams, founder and CEO, has launched a discussion paper that focuses on the insights and trends driving the HR revolution as identified by HR directors across many sectors.

The paper - which is downloadable on the Holmes Noble website -  is positioned to help HR directors consider and design strategic responses to modern challenges that make the most sense for businesses.

Michelle Carson-Williams comments: “In today’s ever-evolving, complex business environment there is a perception that HR professionals need to be experts in everything – which is clearly impossible.

“We wanted to explore this issue further by hosting a roundtable event to discuss the salient, modern issues affecting our HR clients as well as interviewing some of the leading HR directors in the country. All this resulted in the development of our discussion paper.

“It looks at the trends driving the HR revolution such as generational differences, workplace diversity, managing risks and rapid technological changes. We hope that the paper will prove a useful guide for HR directors as they address these challenges.”

The discussion paper will be available for download from the Holmes Noble website: www.holmesnoble.com, week commencing Monday 13th February.