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Digital trends of 2018

Were you aware that people now watch one billion hours of YouTube videos every day? Or that 85% of videos on Facebook are watching without sound?

Perhaps you already knew that business’ gain 80% more conversions with a video on their landing page, but we bet you didn’t know that 85% of customer interactions are estimated to be via Chabot’s by 2020.

If you didn’t know these facts already, you should definitely continue reading to learn more about the digital trends of 2018. Additionally, visit Bird Marketing Essex for even more help on your digital marketing strategy.

Video content

How could we start with anything other than video content? The answer is of course, we simply couldn’t. We’ve all heard that video content is taking reign over any other type of content, but just how much so?

We’ve already touched on Facebook videos, landing page videos and YouTube, now let’s take a look at Twitter. Twitter is focused around content, even with their minimum character count, text-based content rules Twitter.

This could all change though, with 82% of users now watching video content on Twitter it wouldn’t be a surprise to see it over-take text-based content - although Twitter may have to make a few changes to make this happen.

And if that isn’t enough to convince you - on average 2.6x more time is spent viewing pages with video content, than purely text-based content pages. You can find many more stats on video content here.

Augmented reality

So, we’ve all heard about Pokémon Go, it used augmented reality within its game. It was a massive innovation - while the hype around it lasted anyway.  It’s recently been gaining new attention for its use in many other apps.

We could be seeing it move forward into a more mainstream trend as businesses are beginning to use it as a handy tool. For example, showing the user directions to their flight queue, which would light up as they move their phone around on their screen.

For those of you who are unsure of what Augmented reality is: It incorporates 3D or 2D imagery with your screen. This means that you could point your phones camera at the room and see different visuals pop up, as if they are really there.

Virtual reality

We’ve spoken about video content and augmented reality, so it’s only fair to dedicate our last point to virtual reality. VR took 2017 by storm, or rather, a virtual storm that rained havoc over boring, 2D video viewing.

Virtual reality is a trend that continues to expand and looks as though it will obliterate any other attempts at bringing the virtual world into the real one.

Final thoughts

It seems as though visuals are going to take the crown when it comes to digital trends in 2017, especially video content. What did you take from this? Did you learn anything new or were you already in-the-know?