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Cezanne HR announces smart performance review and time-off calculation features

Cezanne HR, the UK HR leader for mid-sized UK and international organisations, today announced the release of new smart features for both its online and mobile platform. Cezanne HR customers now have the capabilities to set up multiple reminders for performance reviews, and to use timesheet data to automatically calculate entitlement to paid time off for casual and irregular workers.

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Other enhancements include a new time-saving option for completing timesheets, weekly reminders, and the option to prevent employees entering hours worked on a day where they’ve already booked time off.

The Cezanne HR mobile app has also been updated to allow Time Off in Lieu (TOIL) to be booked and approved via Android phones, which will be closely followed by iOS competences.

Flexible reminders for performance reviews

With performance reviews often taking a backseat in the workplace, Cezanne HR’s platform now gives customers the option to set up multiple reminders that trigger emails to the relevant participant (reviewer or reviewee) when the due date for their part of the process is approaching or has been missed.

The performance review reminders are customisable, with different reminders triggered for different performance processes. These notifications also accommodate global requirements and languages.

Automatic paid time off calculations for casual workers

Whereas calculating time off entitlement for casual or occasional employees can be difficult, Cezanne HR has released a capability that automatically takes the approved hours from timesheets in its Time Module and updates the entitlement to paid time off in the Absence Module using the correct entitlement calculations.

If a change is made to the timesheet after approval, users will be warned and given the option to re-sync the data to get the right figure immediately or have the system do it automatically as part of an overnight update process.

Speedier timesheet completion

When it comes to completing timesheets, Cezanne HR’s updated Absence and Timesheet module simplifies the timesheet process, saving employees valuable time.

Employees who work on the same activities for weeks or months at a time now have the option to copy the timesheet contents from one of the previous four weeks, complete with time worked, activities and comments, to simplify the process. Once copied, the employee can update any of the finer details and submit the new timesheet for approval. This considerably reduces the time spent on the process, potentially saving employees 20 minutes of their time.

Time Off in Lieu as a mobile app

With Cezanne HR’s HTML 5 interface, employees can already request overtime and book TOIL using a tablet or mobile. Building upon this capability, Cezanne HR has extended the mobile app to allow TOIL to be managed in the app. The updated Android version is already available in the Google play store, and will be live in the Apple store shortly.

Sue Lingard, Director at Cezanne HR, commented: “2018 has been a busy year for Cezanne HR’s Development and QA teams, with over thirty new features developed, rigorously tested and released during the year, as well as a brand-new module for employee onboarding and task management. Customer feedback is essential to our product releases and updates, and we look forward to continuing to support our customers in 2019.”