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CareersinRecruitment Top Ten Tips - 12/2001


Always ensure that jobs are current and up to date ñ delete filled placements.

Never re-run the same advert over and over again.

Customise the adverts accordingly to the job specification.

Be more descriptive and detailed in the wording of the job advertisement ñ online doesnít mean lean ñ it does not restrict or directly influence the cost of the advert by the number of words used as in the printed form.

Still be concise, clear and grab the attention of the reader.

For the more specialised jobs, ensure you use keywords that match and fit the criteria effectively, enabling the jobseeker to find your job easily in the search results.

Check for spelling and grammar! Sloppiness screams volumes - would you want to be hired by a seemingly careless and imprudent employer?

Sell your Job! Make your search results stand out ñ unlike the printed format ñ most jobs online are competing against hundreds of similar job titles. Make yours different and entice the jobseeker with the benefits clearly shown.

Always ensure the Job Title, Location and Salary are visible in the search results. In a recent poll it was stated that the chances of your advert being read increased by 40% if the actual salary was stated.

Learn to use the search engine properly. It pays to take time to learn how to use each job board when uploading your job advertisements.