Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec Says Hiring Heats Up Over the Holidays


Contrary to popular opinion, the period between Thanksgiving and New Year''s Day is one of the best times to find a job, according to

It''s a myth that nobody hires over the holidays. In fact, some companies boost hiring now to use up dollars in their budgets before they disappear on Dec. 31, explains Tony Lee, editor in chief of In addition, many hiring managers have a more relaxed attitude during the holiday season, which makes it easier for candidates to connect.

There are many reasons not to take a break from your job search over the holidays. Companies that are forecasting stronger revenues next year want to have key people in place to start the year off well. Positions often open up
as employees quit their jobs for new positions that start just after the new year. And competition is lighter as many job hunters focus on holiday-related activities.

Opportunities for networking also increase in December due to all of the social functions during the holiday season. Take advantage by sending out holiday greeting cards that include a search update letter, which is an effective way to thank people who have been helpful and let them know the
status of your search. Also, prepare a brief summary of your current situation to share with others at holiday gatherings who may know of a good opportunity.

Don''t put off your job search until after the holidays. By waiting, you''ll become part of the ''January glut'' of post-holiday job hunters, says Lee. offers these tips for job-hunting over the holidays:
Accept every invitation you can, from your neighbor''s open house and your professional organization''s gathering, to your child''s holiday pageant.

Networking remains the single most effective method of finding a new job,
and there''s no better time to network than the holidays, says Lee.

Use this time to re-connect with former colleagues, distant relatives, vendors and others who may offer leads for your search.

Don''t stop your job search, even for a couple of weeks, because it often takes longer to get motivated to start looking again.

Make sure your holiday networking is effective by creating a two-minute summary of your goals.
If you come on too strong, you defeat the entire purpose and generate ill will, says Lee.

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