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CandiRight Survey Reveals that 7 out of 10 Employers Feel Misleading CVs are their Biggest Recruitment Problem

Survey Found 95% of Employers Feel Let Down By Traditional Recruitment Methods

CandiRight, the cognitive talent matching platform that puts employers and jobseekers back in control and removes unconscious/unintended bias from the initial job-application process, today announced details of its survey that found employers citing misleading CVs as their biggest problem, and 95% of respondents admitted feeling ‘let down’ by traditional recruitment channels. The survey also found that 50% of hiring managers have found that relying on traditional methods have resulted in them interviewing unsuitable candidates, with the same percentage reporting that the large number of applicants left them unable to effectively manage communications.

Amanda Shand, Founder of CandiRight, comments: “95% of the employers we surveyed cited the recruitment process itself to inhibit their ability to find the dream candidate for a role. Even more interesting, was the lack of confidence recruiters have in the CV process and in the accuracy of the CVs they are being presented with.”

Shand continued: “Turn this around and the employers’ lack of confidence in the information they are receiving from their candidates can have a negative impact on how they communicate and judge candidates within their recruitment process. CV discrepancies and unconscious biases on behalf of the employer, for example, can result in candidates being unfairly excluded from or included in the interview process. This problem can only be overcome by changing how employers receive and view candidate information. As an industry, we need to throw away the rulebook and hit the reset button.”

CandiRight’s recruiter survey asked the Human Resource Heads of 25 UK-based corporations across various industry sectors to respond anonymously and candidly about their experience with three traditional methods of recruitment:

  • CVs
  • Recruiters/head-hunters/agencies
  • Job boards/Job sites

Amy Scott, CTO and Co-Founder, CandiRight, comments: “CandiRight removes the need for a CV and saves employers time and money by streamlining their search for new talent. Engineered from the ground up to find the right person for the right job, CandiRight is a unique tool designed for the future of recruitment.”
CandiRight’s approach is different because:

  • Candidates don't apply for specific jobs, but fill in their profile once, removing the need for CVs and the mistrust of the information by the employer/recruiter
  • There are no job posts - the employer simply searches the available candidates
  • The candidates don't have to be actively looking for a job, opening the talent pool up to many more candidates for employers to search
  • CandiRight’s fee structure offers employers significant cost savings compared to the status quo.

CandiRight is working closely with industry experts and cross-sector employers to create sets of bespoke matching criteria individual to each sector. Interested employers can book a demo and gain access to this growing pool of talent by contacting CandiRight direct hello@candiright.com

For more information on CandiRight and to join the movement, visit www.candiright.com