Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Brits abroad with the Internet - 10/2000

Launch of makes the job hunt easier for professionals seeking the great overseas experience.

It offers a new angle on domestic and international employment. The new company provides job seekers looking for work abroad with free and independent access to what, its founders hope, will become the biggest database of recruitment agencies worldwide.

The simple, fast and comprehensive website that is designed to help people looking for work overseas before they leave the country. Job categories include IT, accounting, medicine, banking and finance. Candidates are able to submit their resume through to several recruitment agencies in their target market in one hit rather than search for the contact details for each specific recruitment agency.
Mr Blair Keenan, Director and Founder of said, ìUK professionals are highly sought after overseas as they have a good level of education and they are more willing to accept change. We provide job seekers with a new, simple and comprehensive medium where they can quickly register with recruitment agencies overseas, which make their search for the overseas experience simpler and easier. Those who return home from abroad with new experiences and skills are more marketable. And on their return, we can help them to secure a job in the domestic market.î

The company also helps migrants to find work in the UK and helps them make the transition from one country to another easier and simpler.