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Bring your profile to life with the launch of original video on LinkedIn

LinkedIn announces ability to share video directly from the mobile app

LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, is today announcing the rollout of its new video feature – enabling its 23 million UK members to record, upload and share their professional knowledge and insights through the power of video.

In the LinkedIn mobile app, look for the share box at the top of the feed (iOS) or the post button (Android) and tap on the video icon - you can then record a video in the app, or upload something you recorded earlier. Once you’re ready to post, simply add a caption, choose whether you want to share publicly or with your connections only, and that’s it.

“You need to make sure you’re grabbing the attention of people looking at your LinkedIn profile, especially in a competitive job market. So don’t be shy and give your profile some personality with video – whether it’s sharing something you’ve created, going behind the scenes of an event, or giving advice to your connections,” says LinkedIn’s Darain Faraz.

You can also see who your videos reach on LinkedIn – it will show you audience insights such as the top companies, titles and locations of your viewers, as well as how many likes, shares, comments, views and re-shares your videos are receiving. This will help you better understand if you’re reaching the people and companies you want to impress or would love to work for.

The update is being rolled out from today – so if you don’t have it yet, you will soon have the ability to post, view and engage with videos across our global members. To find out more about using video on your profile and get some inspiration on the kind of content you could share, you can read this blog post.