Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Beware of the voices - 10/2000 launches its new ad campaign, the leading Irish online career management site, has recently launched its new ëBeware of the voicesí advertising campaign. The campaign supports the growth of Monsterís career management site not only in Ireland, but right across Europe through the adoption of an integrated pan-European multi-media campaign, with a common communications approach and strategy.

The campaign comprises of TV commercials, press and radio advertisements, and hits on a simple, yet universal truth. This truth is that everyone has an ìinner voiceî that challenges your actions, especially in work situations. But this voice isnít a career expert and therefore may not be telling the best way to discover oneís potential; instead, for career advice worth listening to, people should listen to Monster. The advertisments depict various work related scenarios with the ìinner voiceî theme, which motivates people to take things too far, but in a humorous, comical way that everyone can relate to.

The advertising challenge was to devise an idea that jobseekers all over Europe could relate to. ìOur goal was to develop a single pan-European campaign that could appeal to all Europeans in a broad spectrum of jobs from a German accountant to an Irish IT specialist, yet respecting all national variances and distinctive cultures,î commented Andrew Wilkinson, managing director Europe.

The flexibility of the campaign allows for each European country to tailor it to ensure maximum effectiveness in each market. The cleverness of the commercials is that they avoid the need for lip-synching dialogue, so in Ireland for example, can cast a local voice, and add local touches to the scripts to give the campaign a truly Irish feel.