Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Best Tech Gifts for College Students

College students always have a lot going on in their lives. They have a lot of tasks that include assignments, attending classes, projects and tests as well as other social activities.

One has to consider all this when picking a tech gadget for them as a gift.  We have selected a few gadgets that may be useful to college students.

Google Nest Hub Max

Google Nest Hub Max is a very useful gadget. It has built in stereo speakers, students will never miss an alarm or an appointment. The gadget has an option where a student will ask Google assistant a lot of question. The screen of the gadget is 10 inch wide.  It can also function as a home security camera, meaning it can keep the student’s dorm room safe. Real money casino gamblers can also use it to play their favourite games online. Visit americancasinosites online casino for more information.

Anker Nebula Capsule

Usually students are on a tight budget so they cannot afford to go to the movies on a regular basis. This is where the Anker Nebula Capsule comes in, it is potable soda can sized projector that can ensure they create a perfect movie theatre set up.  You will not need any cables because it functions on a battery.  It is very portable so one can carry it everywhere.

Sony WH-XB900N Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones

There are times where college students study in noisy environments such as public parks and shared housing.  Students will need these Sony WH-XB900N Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones to help them concentrate on what they will be reading. The gadget will instantly shut off noise, also they have touch sensitive ear cups for music control and attention mode. They can last a day when fully charged. This is also good for best online casino (meilleurs casinos en ligne) songs.

Samsung T5 SSD

Samsung T5 SSD helps in saving storage space in a student’s computer. Students face challenges of storage space due to the fact that they stock hours of lectures, projects and notes. The Samsung T5 SSD is a portable drive that fits in the palm of a hand so it does not take much space.