Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Best Practice in Inclusion

Does everyone in your organisation understand best practice in inclusion?

Evenbreak's Best Practice Portal from Jane Hatton on Vimeo.

Evenbreak's Best Practice Portal means everyone in your organisation can learn from the experts - disabled people and employers who are already implementing best practice in this area. Meaning you don't have to 'start from scratch'.

So, if you want to create a more inclusive culture, know how to onboard a blind recruit, introduce workplace adjustment passports or job carving, or find out abut disability etiquette, the portal shows you how others have done it, so you can adapt it to your own approach.

As useful for hiring managers as it is for recruitment professionals and strategic directors, there is something for everyone. And once you subscribe, every employee in your organisation can access the portal, as and when they need to, replacing the fear of getting it wrong with the confidence to get it right.

I'd be delighted to have a chat with you and answer any questions you may have. Email me now to start the conversation!


PS Feedback from staff from Citizen's Advice who are already using the portal includes:
"I particularly liked the Disability Etiquette e-book which was a very insightful overview with a touch of humour."

"It's great - I love the fact that it is gathered from a lot of different organisations and that it has such a wide scope of subjects."

"I found the size of the articles helpful, as they could be used as a quick reference as and when you need it - the videos are the same in this regard."

"I think the tool could be very useful to inform service improvement for clients."

"A good thing about the videos is that they have subtitles so you don't need to have sound on your laptop."