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Awo-l: All Working Online - 11/2001

28th November in Soho, London.

Awo-l is a well-established networking evening for those working in the online recruitment industry. They now have over 400 members that meet regularly to put the world to rights and generally have a good night out.

The next event, (the Christmas party) is the 28th November in Soho, London, and will be sponsored by several leading job boards (all contributing to a healthy tab behind the bar)

The Christmas party will also see Awo-l hold their inaugural industry awards too - to find out whoís in the running, and to place your vote -

visit www.awo-l.com

Places for the 28th are limited, so if youíre interested in attending, or want to be kept informed of future events - register at the www.Awo-l.com site now.

www.awo-l.com - All working On-line