Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

Association Of Online Recruiters Joins REC - 07/2000

Trade Association Admits e-cruiters

Fledgling Association of Online Recruiters has joined forces with the Recruitment and Employers Confederation.

The announcement came only days after the REC admitted itís first e-cruiter member, The AOLR will retain itís name but become a new REC Specialist Division with the mission statement to ìadvance online recruitment in the UK and promote the highest ethical standards amongst its members, thereby safeguarding the interests of job seekers and recruiters alikeî.
Tim Nicholson, CEO of the REC said, ìOnline recruiters are making a very strong statement about their commitment to professional standards and the future direction of this new and exciting business sector. There have been some negative stories in the media about bad practice - lack of confidentiality, ëfakeí jobs being advertised to boost numbers on sites, and so on - but there is a much more positive side to all this. By combining the strength of the REC with the expertise of the members of our new specialist division, who between them cover the fast growing range of businesses offering innovative internet delivered products and services, we have created a powerful force for good. This is an excellent development, and we are very pleased to have been able to bring it aboutî. Suzanne Lewis of the REC will take preliminary control of the new specialist division.