Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

ASP model catching on among recruiters - 11/2000

Survey reveals lack of IT resources is holding some recruiters back from using the Internet

Many recruitment and human resources managers (HRs) in the UK admit that They are challenged by the task of implementing recruitment technology, a new survey reveals.

Whilst an overwhelming majority (98 percent) of the respondents to the Survey stated that they believe the Internet is a vital tool for recruiters, still about a quarter of all those responding said they do not have the technology in place to recruit over the Web. The main reason for this appears to be a lack of IT support to maintain the technology in-house. Recruiters also complained of having too little time and resources to install the technology.

The survey, carried out by Personic Software and, was designed to discover whether recruiters are aware of the Application Service Provider (ASP) model, whereby the software vendor or service provider rents packaged applications to customers on a monthly basis from a centrally-managed facility. Customers benefit from simpler, pay-as-you-go deployment, hassle-free maintenance and the ability to easily grow the application across the enterprise.

Although not every recruitment agency or corporate HR department is experiencing the problem of a lack of IT resources to support their software, a sizeable number of respondents to this survey (40%) said that they thought it would benefit their business to outsource the installation, maintenance and upgrades of their recruitment technology to an ASP, commented Simon
Roberts, general manager, European operations, Personic Software. As the use of the Internet for recruitment purposes increases, we are seeing a widening gap between those professional recruiters that have the resources to benefit from Internet recruitment and those that do not. The ASP model will level the playing field for recruiters, allowing them to have the option, if necessary, to outsource their applications in order to remain competitive.