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AOLR Starts Work - 09/2000

Chairman Promises Inclusivity

The Association of Online Recruiters has now officially started work since the appointment of a Chairman. The role will be filled by MD of Top Jobs On The Net, Don McIntosh. McIntosh has many years of e-cruitment experience and was at the forefront of moves to establish the AOLR before the REC became involved.

The role of Chairman will be a voluntary one, and will head the part-time executive committee of the association. One of the many goals of the AOLR will be to ensure inclusivity for all e-cruiters. This objective is one that the REC has until recently failed to achieve. After many years of lobbying, Rec2Rec companies were only admitted in the last few months, and e-cruiters were only offered access in August.

The AOLR has in fact incurred some criticism from Internet based recruitment operators. Paddy Maguire of multimedia e-cruiter Job-Channel.tv said, ìweíve been facing similar problems, persistent attempts to make contacts have not been successful but perhaps this is down to teething problems more than anything elseî. McIntosh however insists many approaches came at a time when the AOLR was in its formative stages, and that the group is ìtrying to include, not brush them offî.