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Adapt put through its paces by Bond - 10/2000

Meet Bond in Las Vegas

Online Recruiting readers attending The ASA 34th Annual Convention and Expo in Las Vegas, USA, on October 16-19, can try out the latest software from leading recruitment and staffing software producer Bond International Software Inc.

The USA organisation, part of the publicly-quoted Bond International Software group, will be putting the new web-based version of its flagship Adapt software through its paces.

Part of the company's i-Net product suite, the new software enables recruiters to access their Adapt system via the Web, 24-hours a day - while continuing to offer unrivalled security.

Bond International Software Inc. CEO David Read said: The web-based version of Adapt means that for the first time our clients have access to their system from anywhere in the world. Dialing
in via the Web, users are able to enhance their competitive edge by harnessing the opportunities presented by both Adapt and the Internet.

Bond International Software Plc now has seven offices in the USA, Australia, South Africa and Canada. Its software and support services are used by an estimated 20,000 users in 36 countries.