Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

A screening site for HR departments - 10/2000

Change work now

ChangeWork Now was launched earlier this year to help organisations maximise the use of their corporate websites for recruitment purposes. The company is providing on-line application services that screen and qualify candidates against job and company criteria.

Offering a business to business service, ChangeWork Now provide the technology to manage high volume applications. Company Director, Lesley Nash said For many jobs, a HR department may receive hundreds of applicants, but not all are suitably qualified for the role. Our on-line process is designed to screen candidates for qualifications, experience, personal qualities and skills agreed in advance with the company.

Through a bespoke application system which sits on an organisations corporate website, candidates are asked relevant questions and given immediate feedback on their application, indicating their suitability for the role.

Lesley added, This approach adds greater consistency and rigour to the initial sifting of applicants and enables companies to effectively outsource the low value activities of the recruitment process to technology

ChangeWork Now's services are particularly useful for organisations recruiting high volumes or constantly hiring for the same role e.g. graduates and sales. The service increases speed to hire, so important in a highly competitive labour market as well as reducing the overall budget spend.

The company combines expertise in both HR and selection, together with web based business solutions to create a powerful web recruitment site that enables companies to capture the talent they are looking for, and move them swiftly through the assessment process.