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A New Tool For Evaluating "Thoughts And Ideas" Abilities Over "Hard Skills Testing"

Finding a objective way to test an individuals "Thoughts and Ideas" has always been a problem for recruiters and HR's. This is particularly true for testing for skills such as:

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  • Creativity
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Critical Thinking
  • Written Communication Skills
  • And more...

However there is a new tool from eSkill - The Peer Review Solution which is ideally suited to address this.

How does it work?

The Peer Review Solution is an innovative component of the eSkill application that allows users to grade more abstract skills and has several key features:

  • An online tool to prepare assessments, create questions, establish criteria for awarding scores per question (e.g. criterion name, content, number of maximum points), and link reviewers with tests
  • An e-testing platform for making tests available to candidates
  • Automatic notifications for reviewers to know when they can begin their review
  • Anonymous authorship so reviewers can independently grade each test without access to candidate data
  • HR visibility of scores and comments awarded by each reviewer
  • Automatic calculation of the average score per candidate when triggered by the HR recruiter
  • Reports with detailed evaluation results (e.g. question information, candidate details, scores, reviewer names, period)

There are of course a number of areas where you could be interested in measuring a person's quality of dealing with ideas rather than events.  You can see the process below but for more information about The Peer Review Solution please speak to Warren at Recruitment Assessment on 0845 8400123