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A Big Sight In Trafalgar Square - 03/2000

New Campaign Is A First

For the first time ever, a poster advertising site has been unveiled in Trafalgar Square. The massive 10.47m x 16.51m drape has been placed on the outside of the Nat West building by Europe's leading online recruitment company, StepStone.co.uk.

Chris Moore, Marketing Director of StepStone.co.uk said: We are very excited that our extensive advertising campaign clearly illustrates to the consumer and the rest of the on-line industry StepStone's drive and determination to lead the race. StepStone is revolutionising the provision of recruitment and career services in Europe, and is also pushing back the boundaries of marketing and advertising - both on and off-line.

StepStone.co.uk is currently running a comprehensive advertising campaign. As well as its national poster campaign and adverts on satellite and terrestrial television, it has taken space on national bus sides across the UK and has an extensive Internet marketing presence. The Trafalgar Square site was planned and bought by Booth Lockett Makin (StepStone's Media Specialists) and Poster Publicity Ltd.