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5 things to avoid while writing a resignation letter

A resignation letter is usually written by that employee who has already decided to leave his or her job voluntarily.

Generally, it is seen that this letter is given to the immediate supervisor or to the Human Resource (HR) Department of the company. The resignation has now become a common event in every organization. It is seen that when an employee gets a better opportunity they tend to switch their job.

However, there may be several reasons due to which an employee needs to leave their job. Some people may need to leave their job due to family issues. They could be relocating their homes or going for higher studies.

But, whatever the case may be, when you have decided to leave the job, it is very important to write a resignation letter. You must make sure that the letter should be very professional. After all, it is perhaps the last communication that you are having with your current employer. Therefore, it must be done in an appropriate manner.

Writing an effective resignation letter is never an easy job. Especially, when you are working for the company for a long time and already had developed a bonding with your boss and your colleague. But life never stops for anybody and you have to move on for your future endeavors. But while going forward you must keep your relationship with your boss and colleague positive. This is so that even if you need any kind of help from them for certain things they will forward their hand to assist you.

Remember that your boss and colleagues are always your vital network. That is why it is very important to write an effective resignation letter to your boss. But there are certain things that you need to avoid while writing the resignation letter to the boss. You must be aware of these before you start writing the letter. However, it is very difficult to get some professional templates for Resignation Letter  on the Internet where these things are mentioned.

Considering the situation, we have come up with five essential things that you should always avoid while writing the resignation letter. The following are those things that you must avoid:

A rude comment against your boss or the company: Your boss may be a rude person and he may be the main reason for which you have decided to leave your job. But it is not required to express such things in the resignation letter. The problem that you have with your boss should be solved face-to-face earlier. Also, there is no point in bringing the issue at the time while leaving the company.

You must make sure that your resignation letter does not contain any offensive thing. You must hold your tongue and erase all rude comments from the letter if you have already written. You must not end your job with a bad note as every employer nowadays used to call the previous employer for taking your reference. Under such circumstances, if your impression is not good with your boss it will surely hamper you. Hence it is always necessary to avoid any kind of rude comment.

Avoid using improper language: Remember that a resignation letter is a formal letter. So, whenever you write a resignation letter you must maintain professionalism. You may have developed a very good relationship with your boss over the past few years but when it comes to writing the resignation letter.

Use of informal and friendly language can put a bad impression on you and make your resignation letter inappropriate. Using formal language in the resignation letter also shows that you are a truly professional person and it will certainly enhance your reputation in the workplace.

Make sure of your last date: Before you write the resignation letter you have to make sure the date when you will be working last for your current company. If necessary you can print a blank calendar double check it so that you do not commit any kind of mistake with the last date of your working.

Writing the last date of your working in the resignation letter is very essential. This is because after you mention the date the company will start to search for a new candidate for your replacement as well as start all the process of your resignation. Now making a mistake in the last date of your working can create a serious issue and so until and unless you are sure with the date you must not express it in the letter.

Avoid telling the reason for your leaving in detail: In the resignation letter you must not express in detail about the reason for your leaving. It is not mandatory to express the reason and all that you need to do is to inform your boss that you are leaving the job and mention your last date of working so that they can find your replacement within that date.

Apart from that, you should not mention in which company you will move after leaving your current company and what is the salary that your new company is offering to you. You must not make your current company inferior in any sense and thus it is always advisable to avoid telling the reason for leaving in the resignation letter.

Don’t forget to proofread your letter: Last but not least, proofreading the letter is very important after you write the resignation letter. Resignation letter is perhaps the last letter that you are writing to your present company and so you should always try to avoid any kind of grammatical or spelling mistakes in the letter.

Nowadays you get a lot of grammatical tools which you can use to check if there are any kinds of mistakes in the letter. In case there are mistakes you can easily correct those. Mistakes in the resignation letter will put a bad impact on you and as such before you send the letter you must proofread it very carefully.       

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