Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

4 Tips For Creating A Solid Reputation On Instagram to Get Hired

Growing your Instagram following, and a good reputation along with it is actually a lot simpler than you may think.

Whether you’re just starting out on your road to influencer fame, or you are already past the 10,000 follower mark, these tips will be a great refresher on how to not only, grow your following, but maintain it as well.

Gaining Legitimacy Through Followers

Having a large follower base actually increases your likelihood of gaining even more followers. A no brainer right? Well, it can be a long road to getting from 200 to 10,000. So if that’s where you are starting from, it comes highly recommended that you buy Instagram followers

A follower finder works wonders. Paid services for likes and followers don’t just give you bots, and risk getting your account shut down. They hire real accounts to follow and like your posts and actually leave real comments instead of strings of emojis. 

Gaining a strong and large following like this will give you a push that you need to start attracting followers rapidly. Once potential followers reach your page and can see how many real interactions you have, they are more likely to hit that follow button.

Engagement and Interactions

There are sites and ways to track your successful posts by collective likes and shares. Popular analytics services like Sprout Social, and Later are recommended Instagram marketing tools. But they can’t measure everything. Not every interaction can be simplified down to a number. 

Sometimes getting into a habit of genuinely interacting with your followers, can start as ripples, and then turn into waves. Leaving a reply to a thoughtful comment says a lot about someone who has thousands of followers. It doesn’t even have to be long-winded. Sometimes just a simple ‘Thanks so much!’ can go a long way. 

When you let your followers know they are seen as well, you are giving them the respect they deserve. After all, you wouldn’t have your platform if it wasn’t for their love and support. 

Interactive stories can also be a relatable outlet. It’s also a more direct line to what your followers are really thinking than an analytics website. Polls and quizzes are a fun way to relate and break up the monotony of just tapping through an endless story feed. 

Stories, in general, can be an invaluable resource for maintaining a loyal base. Stories give you an outlet to show some realness. People love seeing behind the scenes content. It makes you more approachable as a brand. 

Gaining loyalty like this speaks volumes to people who are directed to your account. Sometimes it’s even word of mouth. We all can think of several accounts that we follow now because our friends shared their posts with us. 

Do Your Posts Hold Value?

Unless you are an Instagram Model or a Kardashian, keep the selfies to a minimum. It can come off as boring and useless. Staged photoshoots showcasing your personal style are different. You can use those types of posts to advertise a sponsor if need be.  

According to ViralRace, your goal as a large scale public profile should be to serve your following. What are you trying to make people feel? What is your message? Are you a travel blog? If so, transport your audience. Make them feel as if they are experiencing your journey with you, and not just watching you. This can be achieved by making sure you capture moments that define the trip for you. 

Your photography needs to be on point at all times. Consistency is professional, and if you have thousands of followers, your level of performance needs to continue at that standard. Staying interesting and relevant on the internet will always be a challenge. So keep your standards high. 

While it can be distasteful to leave a visual paragraph of hashtags in your caption space, it’s not so much when you leave a small paragraph of thought. Not in excess, but sometimes followers just want to slow down on their feed and possibly learn something about you or your experiences. It’s one more thing for people to relate to.

 As a creator with a large platform you also have the opportunity and power to inspire. Dropping some motivational posts once in a while can be effective and meaningful. When it comes to Instagram at least, users are more likely to share positive, uplifting, and humorous posts over more negative and derogatory messages.

Sticking to a Schedule

This is a little more on the technical side, but no less important. Even if your followers aren’t keeping track of exactly when you post, it’s still a good idea to check with your analytics and follow the results. Checking your aggregated data can tell you what time of day and the week you have the most interactions. 

Have you started to notice, that certain accounts you follow have their schedule down? For example, you can expect one of your favorite Instagram comics in the morning and around lunchtime, and then later in the evening. And one meme account you follow posts a lot in the morning and a lot in the evening, but not much around midday. We have been subconsciously over time, been conditioned to expect certain entertainment at different parts of the day. 

You have to admit, it has likely caused you to use Instagram even more. As a natural result of spending more time on the app, you will have also begun to discover related content through your explore page. 

If you stick to a posting schedule, and you have more reliable content, followers will open Instagram just to view your posts. It’s all about finding a balance too, which of course, analytics tools help with, but figure out what kind of posting works for your brand as well. Too much and it’s spammy. Too little and you aren’t getting enough feed time to stand out. 

Obviously, for something like a meme account, large volumes of posts are okay, since the trends and humor are constantly changing. But for a more typical account that details something like health and wellness, posting 2-3 times a day can be plenty, and then it can be supplemented with some posts in Stories.

Hopefully, you will go forth with a different perspective, and remember to appreciate your followers. If you keep all this in mind, you’ll end up with a more successful and fulfilling experience using Instagram.