Stuart Gentle Publisher at Onrec

3 Ways To Use Video To Market Your Recruitment Agency

To generate more job orders and income, you need to market your recruitment agency to two groups of people: potential candidates and potential clients.

Whether you love it, dislike it, or don’t understand it, marketing is important for the success of a recruitment agency. Effective marketing will help the business to cut through all the noise in the industry, and presently, there is a lot of noise. With more than 24 thousand recruitment agencies in the UK alone, it is necessary for agencies to invest in strategies to stand out from the competition, and proper marketing provides the right vehicle to do just that – and not just any kind of marketing, but video marketing. This form of marketing is important for your campaign efforts. Businesses need the right video marketing strategy since videos have dominated the social media platform. According to HubSpot Research, four of the biggest channel customers watch videos are social media. So, if you’re not using video to market your recruitment agency, you’re most likely falling behind.

First Things First:

Before implementing any of these strategies, you need to totally understand what your agency offers and what your competition doesn’t. What makes your company unique? Why should a client choose you and not another company? The message you deliver should reflect how unique your firm is. Otherwise, you’ll just seem like any other recruitment agency.

How to use Video to Market your Recruitment Agency:

Before diving into video marketing, start with a concise plan. Any consistent marketing campaign is defined by regular growth. And to measure growth, you’ll need to track your progress. While at it, you’ll know what worked and what didn’t. You can recreate what worked and remove what didn’t work in your future video presentations. After that, begin creating the right video contents. At first, making the video might seem a bit intimidating, especially if this is your first time. Instead of worrying over every little detail, focus on the creative process.

1.Have a Website:

Whenever someone wants to find a business, they go to their computer and carryout a web search. The first few results that come up get their attention. As a recruitment agency, you need to have a website. Your company should show up when someone does a recruitment related search on the internet. Make good use of search engine.

Behind the scenes, SEO is very important for your video marketing campaigns. If your video is not optimized for search engines, you’ll most likely miss out on free exposure. The best explanations are those that explain your videos accurately in conjunction with the keywords on your website.

2.Make use of Social Media:


81 percent of people in the UK have social media accounts. Using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube will give you the opportunity to personally connect with your clients – they can get to know your recruitment agency better. While using YouTube, which is the largest search engine in the world, tap from both paid and organic traffic. Tailor your ads to best suit different users based on their age, location, gender and interests

3.Stick with what you know:

Before you actually begin video production, you need to know your style. Will it be an educational video, and entertainment video, a corporate video or an inspirational video? Different kinds of marketing video will serve different purposes. Some of the most common video types businesses used for marketing are:

  • Product videos: They explain and show what a product does, as well as benefits for using them.
  • Brand videos: This kind of videos is usually short, with the aim of introducing a brand to potential customers.
  • Event videos: Is your company hosting a fundraiser, conference or a round table discussion? This type of video is used for these purposes.
  • Explainer videos: They explain in a matter of seconds how to do something. They are short enough to grab the attention of viewers.
  • Animated videos: They are perfect for concepts that are difficult to understand, and need visuals to explain a product.
  • Testimonial videos: Clients will be interested in what your products can do for them. Creating a case study video that features loyal, satisfied customers is a great way to prove this.
  • Live video: This offers customers a special look at your company behind the scenes. It draws higher engagement rates and longer streams.

It is alright to show your success and skills, particularly if it will help your marketing strategy. That might just be what some clients are looking for. Share your certifications, qualifications and professional skills. Mention any awards you might have won for past works.