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Top Media Jobs launch on JobBoard.com

An exciting new job board has been launched to target the media industry and they have taken advantage of the speedy solution from HotLizard’s JobBoard.com.

Company Profile


The design has been tailored to meet the specific branding requirements of Top Media Jobs, including the clear promotion of their advertisers via featured jobs and featured clients.  The clear calls to action have also been refined to ensure that they are on brand and on target.

Top Media Jobs can be seen at www.topmediajobs.co.uk

The instant solution of JobBoard.com does have a high degree of flexibility built in to ensure that continual changes can be made to reflect the change in business requirements. The upgrade pathway that is available to all of JobBoard.com clients is built on feedback from our existing clients, which helps to ensure that the platform is continually developing in the correct way.

Please contact a member of the team on sales@hotlizard.net or 01621 813 339 to find out how JobBoard.com could provide an effective job board solution for you!