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Snap.hr launches using AI to transform the UK recruitment market

Today sees the launch of Snap.hr, a new recruitment platform set to become a must-use resource for anyone serious about a career in tech.

Designed as a solution to what the company sees as ‘the fragmented and outdated’ traditional recruitment market, Snap.hr uses groundbreaking AI and machine learning technology, combined with a specialist in-house team, to match companies with skilled tech talent. To achieve this, Snap.hr is
vastly improving matching, transparency and communication between businesses and jobseekers, enabling not only better hiring, but also retention rates.

Already, Snap.hr has over 1,600 companies using the platform, the most popular amongst candidates being Skyscanner, Transferwise, Tesco, and Moo and over 12,000 talented tech specialists (screened for suitability) have also joined the site. Due to Snap.hr’s unique matching tools, 95% of candidates will respond within 48 hours of being contacted by a business and the average time to hire is only 12 days, which is half the industry standard. Similarly, within the first week of being on the platform, jobseekers will receive an average of five interview requests and over 95% of candidates who have been placed via Snap.hr are still at the same company after six months.

Snap.hr’s CEO and Founder, Raoul Tawadey, said: “We’re building the future of recruitment starting with the most in-demand technical talent. General platforms like Linkedin require a huge time commitment and traditional recruiters can lack transparency and tend to push their own agenda. Snap.hr combines cutting-edge AI with a focused team of recruitment experts, to offer companies the opportunity to interview and hire Google-level tech talent quickly and easily. Our UK operations have grown 300% in the last quarter and, as we’re seeing a rise in UK developers looking to relocate post-Brexit, we’ll also be expanding into two new countries over the next few months.”

Marcus Bennett, Recruitment Manager for Technology, Digital Product & Online at Tesco PLC, said:

"We have successfully hired a range of software engineers within the first few months of using Snap.hr, from a data scientist to our new Head of Development. The response rate has been fantastic as we have been able to reach a wide pool of talent.”

Anna Roe, Global Recruitment Lead at Transferwise said:

"The quality and turnaround time on Snap.hr is excellent; candidates respond usually within a few hours of being contacted, and the profiles are fully transparent; showing everything from a candidate's salary expectations to other companies they're speaking to."

To give the best possible recommendations and matches, Snap.hr’s technology continually improves and learns, processing data such as skills, requirements, qualifications, interests and salary expectations. The site then turns the traditional recruitment model on its head, enabling companies to contact desirable candidates directly (and vice versa) creating faster, more open and transparent communication. To facilitate this, Snap.hr’s shared diary feature means that companies can book in an interview immediately as they see a candidate is available, eliminating the need for a third party recruiter to make arrangements.

Via the platform, candidates are also empowered to make informed career choices: they can check their current salary against market rates and are also given the option of a personal talent manager, in order to provide them with a long-term career plan. Snap.hr is also bold in laying open the job market, as it believes this is key to successful hires: businesses can assess their competition and view exactly where their chosen candidates are interviewing. As well as this, Snap.hr’s technology can be integrated with other software services, such as Slack and Workable, to make hiring and finding a job even easier for companies and candidates.

Quick Snap.hr facts:

  • It takes a company an average of 12 days to make a hire on Snap.hr. The shortest time to hire has been 4 days
  • Data Science roles are the best paid on Snap.hr, with an average salary of: £89,059.
  • The average offer is £67,824
  • Other popular roles include UI/UX designers, Project Managers and Developers.
  • The highest single offer on Snap.hr so far has been £250,000
  • 80% of Snap.hr’s candidates have 5+ years’ experience
  • In 2016, Snap.hr had £85,226,422 in offers go through the platform.