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Powered by Sophisticated AI and Machine Learning, Entelo Launches Envoy to Make Hiring Smart for Everyone

More than 75 leading companies now using Entelo Envoy to reduce time spent identifying and engaging with the right talent

Entelo, the recruiting automation platform modernizing hiring, today announced the public launch of its powerful new sourcing software, Envoy, to allow any company to dramatically accelerate the identification and hiring of the right people. Entelo Envoy builds upon the company’s existing platform, using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to automatically identify, qualify, and engage ideal candidates, saving recruiting teams time and money. Previously available only to existing Entelo customers, Envoy is now generally available and being used by more than 75 companies that are already seeing positive results.

Entelo Envoy provides a compelling new recruiting solution that will help disrupt the global recruitment market, currently estimated at more than $200 billion. Recruitment of qualified workers remains one of the most difficult challenges for companies across every industry. With unemployment rates at historical lows, companies are struggling to keep pace with their hiring needs. More than 41 million people in the U.S. alone search for or are being recruited to new positions each year. Entelo Envoy helps businesses seamlessly and effectively identify and connect with their future team members.

“By combining the simplicity of a job board with the efficacy of personalized outreach, Entelo Envoy represents a new strategy in the recruiter's toolkit -- one that could ultimately make or break their business,” said Mike Trigg, general manager of Entelo Envoy and chief marketing officer at Entelo. “Your people are your company’s greatest asset. With Envoy, recruiting teams can dramatically increase the quantity and quality of their candidate pipeline through intelligent automation, while, at the same time, giving themselves time back in their days to do what they do best.”

Entelo Envoy relieves overworked recruiters by automating the manual and repetitive aspects of sourcing, making their workflows more efficient. It does so by:

  • Identifying top talent: Using patent-pending AI technology and machine learning algorithms, Envoy finds candidates based on criteria set by recruiters. It automatically sorts, analyzes, and ranks a person’s fit for an open position across several attributes, including work history, skills, likeliness to leave their current role, and more.
  • Contacting candidates proactively: Envoy reaches out to the best candidates at optimal times, contacting them with personalized messages based on each candidate’s composite profile.
  • Delivering prospective hires to right your inbox: When candidates engage with companies through Envoy, their responses go directly to the inbox of the recruiter or hiring manager.

More than 75 existing Entelo customers, including Infinity Ward, 619 Partners and MapBox, began using the Entelo Envoy solution during its beta period and are experiencing great recruiting success. Early customers report significant pipeline generation, in some cases with Envoy-identified candidates accounting for up to 50 percent of their pipeline. Additionally, nearly 80 percent of candidates delivered by Envoy have been accepted by recruiters and advanced to the next step of the hiring process, demonstrating that Envoy brings the right people at the right time. Envoy is also predicted to reduce time spent sourcing by 96 percent, given the platform requires about 30 minutes per week from the typical practitioner, who reports spending an average of 13 hours per week when sourcing manually.

“Unlike traditional platforms, Entelo Envoy saves about 10-15 hours per week, allowing me to push volume while maintaining a personalized candidate experience for each prospective hire,” said Talent Lead at Tubi, Chris Hartzell. “Automating the tedious work in the recruiting process is a big win for our team.”

According to the Entelo 2018 Recruiting Trends Report, the majority of recruiters – 70 percent of respondents – believed that recruiting automation would increase their productivity. Entelo Envoy was developed to successfully automate the biggest pain points of the hiring process.

To learn more about how Entelo Envoy can help your business, please visit www.entelo.com or view a short video of Envoy in action..