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Peopleclick Authoria launches Healthcare TalentForce

Next Generation of Enhanced Software and Consulting Solutions Designed to Address New Regulations, Shifting Demographics and Ever-Emerging Healthcare Demands

Peopleclick Authoria, currently serving nearly 60 percent of the Fortune 100 with best-of-breed suite solutions for Talent Acquisition and Talent Management, introduces its comprehensive Healthcare TalentForce vertical offering this week at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) show in Atlanta, GA [Georgia World Congress Center, Booth #911]. The Company’s newest bundled set of services and solutions expands its strong commitment to its nearly 200 existing clients in the healthcare segment and offers new clients significantly enhanced product offerings to meet a wide range of changing Human Capital Management (HCM) needs facing the healthcare market today.

New government regulations, decreasing insurance coverages and anticipated national healthcare reform create dramatic cost pressures within our currently maximized healthcare environment. The challenges faced in this segment today are even more acute than what the healthcare environment was enduring a year ago. Financial pressures are compounded by ever-increasing demands for services as the Baby Boomer population ages, not only moving more medical and scientific professionals into retirement, but also bringing more seniors into the healthcare system. Changing market conditions require newer, more tailored solutions to address them most effectively.

“While there are many competitors who sell a solution to hospitals, with the launch of Peopleclick Authoria Healthcare TalentForce, we offer an unmatched hospital solution. In the deeply revenue-constrained environment of healthcare, the right people and practitioners make the most dramatic difference in providing quality care, delivering high productivity and avoiding costly mistakes. While we have always offered highly relevant and differentiated Talent Management solutions to hospitals and the broader market, following the combination of Peopleclick and Authoria in January, we focused immediately on identifying and selecting the most impactful pre and post hire best-of-breed functionality from both companies to develop an even more powerful and comprehensive healthcare solution,” said Charles S. Jones, Chairman and CEO of Peopleclick Authoria. “With our next generation of offerings for the healthcare sector, we are helping hospitals optimize the quality of their people and assisting them in deploying, managing and rewarding those critical human resources. Through these actionable assessments we are also enabling healthcare organizations to correlate the year-round information collected on talent and performance into meaningful reports that help the organization comply with regulatory requirements and run at the highest levels of efficiency.”

In expanding and refining its existing healthcare offering, Peopleclick Authoria’s product management and implementation teams worked with existing hospital customers to define and build specific functionality highly applicable to the their environments. To deliver relevant pre-configured solutions needed day one of launch, the Company also developed and launched their “Ready-to-Go” (RTG) program with special functionality and immediate-use configurations exclusively for hospitals. Peopleclick Authoria has also infused and enabled healthcare best-practices and content, delivered pre-populated and configured career sites for all healthcare constituencies and formulated key strategic partnerships to expand specialized services in the marketplace. Of high importance in the current market, the newest Healthcare offering from the Company includes expanded customized high-use hospital reports and analysis.

Peopleclick Authoria Healthcare TalentForce helps customers:

· Reach qualified healthcare professionals to gain visibility and interest in an organization as a preferred provider.

· Keep hiring managers focused on critical healthcare tasks by making it easier than ever to connect them to the right candidates on a timely basis as they need them.

· Help recruiters understand the most important needs of the organization, understand demand trends and match those needs with a steady stream of qualified healthcare professionals.

· Understand individual strengths and, as a result, organizational strengths through the measurement of employee competency, goals and performance.

· Establish the readiness of top performers to make new contributions by establishing a leadership pipeline to fill critical healthcare roles through development and succession management.

· Retain individuals who have established their professional credentials and demonstrated leadership by investing in them by allocation of merit and bonus rewards.

· Create visibility into the day-to-day people trends of the team by providing powerful reporting and analytics tools.

“Success in any vertical market effort is definitely dependent on the customization and applicability of the software, but as much, it is reliant on the right delivery and accessibility for the users within that specific market,” Mr. Jones continued. “Doctors and nurses do not administer to patients and check clinical competencies from the ivory tower of a large office building full of PCs. They work in a fast-paced, open floor setting often running from one exam area to the next. In the coming year, we will be offering our Healthcare TalentForce solutions to a range of PDAs, handhelds and tablets to meet this important medical constituency where and how they need us to.”

Peopleclick Authoria has served a wide variety of organizations within its healthcare customer base of nearly 200, and it has successfully supported a range of strategic hiring goals including recruiting top-quality talent, managing applicant workflows of both full and part-time employees and bridging communication gaps between recruiters and hiring managers. The Company’s recent work with WakeMed Health & Hospitals, a provider of an extensive network of healthcare facilities through North Carolina, helped the organization by implementing a flexible solution to fit the Company’s unique needs around recruiting and retaining top-quality professionals.

“We were looking for a sophisticated solution to help us identify and attract the highest quality candidates, manage multiple unique workflows, enable effective communication with candidates and transform our onboarding program to provide a first-class experience for new hires and volunteers,” said Anna Baird-Hensley, Director of Employment of WakeMed Health & Hospitals. “The flexible solution offered by Peopleclick Authoria allowed us seamless implementation to fit our specific needs and complement our business model.”

Within the healthcare vertical, Peopleclick Authoria’s efforts initially focus on talent optimization and support for hospitals. Expansion of targeted solutions packages into the pharmaceutical and health insurance submarkets is underway. Peopleclick Authoria Healthcare is part of Peopleclick Authoria’s industry-leading Talent Management solutions, which provide business managers and HR professionals a comprehensive solution that helps them manage employee performance and goals that directly correlates with business initiatives. The suite offers tools for employers to manage all their human capital needs from contingent labor to full time employees.