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New Website Tipped To Help Get Britain Working Again

May 2010 saw the launch of a brand new online jobs board called NoRecruitmentAgencies.com

May 2010 saw the launch of a brand new online jobs board called NoRecruitmentAgencies.com. Normally the launch of a new jobs board would be nothing noteworthy but there are a couple of differences about NoRecruitmentAgencies.com that make it stand out from the crowd.

Firstly NoRecruitmentAgencies.com markets itself as an 'Employer Only' jobs board. This means that the only job vacancies published on the site are those that are owned directly by a real company. This is a hugely refreshing change from all of the major online jobs boards, which are flooded with 'anonymous' job vacancies posted by recruitment agencies. The resulting 'signal to noise ratio' of NoRecruitmentAgencies.com is a world apart from your average job site. The old adage It's quality and not quantity that counts really applies to NoRecruitmentAgencies.com.

The second thing that distinguishes NoRecruitmentAgencies.com from the rest of the online job site market is its cost. With recruitment agents taking a typical fee of around 20% of annual salary upon a successful placement and major jobs boards charging hundreds of pounds for a job advert it is no wonder that many Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) find recruitment so financially painful. NoRecruitmentAgencies.com costs a flat fee of only £10 per advert. This level of undercutting is simply staggering and could save struggling SMEs thousands of pounds in recruitment costs, a welcome relief whilst the UK attempts to stave off a double dip recession. Low cost doesn’t mean reduced quality though. A visit to http://www.NoRecruitmentAgencies.com yields a professional looking jobs board with all the functionality expected from top end jobs boards as well as some really innovative additions as well. The ability to search for job vacancies by typing in your postcode and see them appear on a Google map is groundbreaking as we've never seen it elsewhere before.

NoRecrutmentAgencies.com founder Billy Davies had this to say about the site: I got the idea for NoRecruitmentAgencies.com from my girlfriend, (who works in Human Resources), when she used to frequently complain about signing away thousands of pounds to recruitment agencies. When I suggested that she post a job advert on the internet she only lamented that the jobs boards were 'very expensive' and that her advert would be 'crowded out' by anonymous recruitment agency owned adverts. The gap in the market seemed clear so we started NoRecruitmentAgencies.com. Our aim is to help both job seekers and employers. Jobseekers by removing the middleman so they can find their new job more quickly and employers by offering a viable ultra low cost alternative to traditional recruitment methods. We aim to be the Easyjet of jobs boards if you will!

Here's hoping that NoRecruitmentAgencies.com will help David Cameron to 'Get Britain Working Again' as he promised so vigorously in his election campaign.